Mon - May 1, 2006

A Letter to My Family on Peak Oil

On Christmas Day, a group of us were gathered around the table, and the talk turned to energy and economics... finally, I felt, we were starting to discuss real issues rather than the partisan Democrat-Republican distractions du jour. This led to a letter that I wrote after Christmas, reproduced here with links and annotations.

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Thu - April 21, 2005

The Machine, part 2: what can you do if it really does break down?

Suppose it really is true... that the accumulation of environmental, energy, and monetary crises catches up with us in the next year or two, and we experience a significant decline or collapse? What can you do?

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Wed - March 16, 2005

The Machine, Part 1: how long can this go on?

What if the 21st century American lifestyle is not sustainable? Houston, we've got a problem.

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Fri - April 23, 2004

Questioning 9/11

As the events of late 2002 and early 2003 unfolded, and the U.S. marched into a war based on lies, I found myself looking backwards... at the event that set all this in motion.

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Sat - March 20, 2004

Ten, no, eleven tips for sane computing under OS X

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Mon - March 1, 2004

Cognitive Republican dissonance

I don't envy my Republican friends and relatives. If this is what they call winning, why isn't the country and the world in any better shape?

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Thu - February 12, 2004

Blog of the week: The Fighting Democrat

Starting this week, I will try to highlight various resources on the Internet that I find useful and worthwhile. The Fighting Democrat is certainly one worth visiting.

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Fri - February 6, 2004

Dorothy Soelle's Creed

Our pastor at St. Francis of Assisi, Valerie Chapman, discovered this creed and shared it with us. It speaks volumes about how faith calls us to be revolutionary.

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Tue - January 6, 2004

Bush In 30 Seconds sponsored a contest, in which members were asked to submit video ads on the topic of George W. Bush, 30 seconds in duration, to be aired during the coming election season. They received three times as many ads as they expected, many of them high quality, and the ads themselves became an underground internet sensation as friends traded ad URLS. Along with other members, I ranked on dozens of ads; these are the ones that I liked best.

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Thu - November 27, 2003

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today

Scrolling through the tiny print at , I clicked on an entry titled "Pending the Freezing of Hell," not knowing what I would get. The link took me to Cory Farley's Reno Gazette-Journal column , which I found pretty funny. Enjoy.

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Sun - November 23, 2003

Republican Congress Declares War On Ordinary Americans

Well, not really, but they may just as well have. As Congress tries to wind up business before the holidays, it seems that they have nothing but bad bills that they want to pass. Please take a moment out of your week to call our senators (especially Gordon Smith), and tell them that you don’t support these citizen-hostile laws.

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Mon - November 10, 2003

Review of Macintosh Virtual PC 6.1 with Windows 2000

Virtual PC is a very attractive package for those who need to occasionally run a Windows program, or those who are looking for a painless way to transfer files between the Windows and Mac domains. It has steep hardware requirements, though I was surprised at how well it ran on my Powerbook G4.

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Fri - November 7, 2003

A response to my cousin's defense of G.W. Bush

George W. Bush's resume has been making the rounds of email... I received two copies, from two different relatives. One of my relatives responded with a vigorous defense of Bush; I disagree with most of his points, and give many links to support my views.

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New look for the web site!

Greetings, and welcome to the new look for Rototillerman... I have finally taken a crack at merging the content of the old hand-built site with the iBlog software, and you are looking at the result.

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Wed - July 23, 2003


How I Became A Blogger In Just A Few Easy Steps

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